Rodney K. Stanberry- 15 Years and Counting

Rodney K. Stanberry- 15 Years and Counting

On March 25th, 2012 Rodney K. Stanberry begins his 16th year in prison for crimes he did not commit.

On March 24th, 1997, Rodney K. Stanberry became an inmate housed in the Alabama Department of Corrections. How will he spend this weekend? Like he spends every SECOND of his life- wondering how an innocent man can spend this much time in prison for crimes he didn’t commit. He’ll be thinking about his parents, his sister, and his son Trevon. If he heard the President, he’d also say my son could also be your son. During his sixth year of incarceration, Rodney K. Stanberry wrote a letter that had this as its final paragraph: “Trust me, trying to answer the question of a six year old about when you’re coming home hurts. I can only hope that someone steps forward to help.”

Please call DA Ashley Rich at 1-251-574-5000 or 251-574-8400. If her job is to seek the truth, then she should reopen Rodney’s case and stop hiding behind a wrongful conviction. There is justice and there is the law. Her duty should be to pursue the truth and combine the two. Free Rodney K. Stanberry. Justice for Trayvon and for Trevon, who will soon turn 16. Also, read this Call to Action and call Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange:
Please review this WKRG report by Bill Riales from 2004-

 Prosecutor Buzz Jordan heard a confession by another individual before Rodney’s trial (a confession made in front of Jordan and then Prichard Police Detective Lebarron Smith in the law offices of one of the best attorneys in Mobile.  The attorney represented the person who confessed.) There is only one reason why the prosecutor went to the judge to get the confession treated as hearsay so that it would not be heard by the jury and that is because it didn’t fit his theory- not because it wasn’t the truth) The prosecutor seen in the video above traveled from Mobile to Rikers Island Prison in New York to visit the person he (the prosecutor) said was the shooter. He claims he did not take notes!!! He never tried or attempted to try the person he said was the shooter. Why? Because his visit to Rikers Island further revealed the truth- that Rodney is innocent and a new trial would do that. The people in the Mobile District Attorney’s Office do not mind playing with the lives of innocent people. The actual shooter died before trial so the Mobile DA’s Office wants to pretend as if he didn’t exist. How is this victims’ rights? For more info, see   – “The Shooter, What They Want to Wish Away”.  On March 25th, 2012, Rodney will begin his 16th year in prison.
This weekend, I urge you to watch two shows- one on CNN entitled “The Price of Life” featuring an individual who spent 17 years in prison for crimes he did not commit (Sat. 8pm EST) and one on 60 Minutes featuring Mike Morton, who spent nearly 25 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.  Morton’s attorneys are in a battle to hold the prosecutor in his case accountable. 
From the cbsnews (cited in the link above:

“In his first interview since he was exonerated, Morton tells Logan about his tragic incarceration and what he and others say may be a broader weakness in the justice system. Logan’s report will be broadcast Sunday, March 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.  Pointing to other cases of alleged prosecutorial misconduct throughout the country, Morton says more needs to be done to make sure prosecutors disclose evidence favorable to the defense and are held accountable when they don’t. “If you did those things… the sort of stuff where you were hiding evidence from a homicide investigation, they’d lock you up in a minute,” Morton tells Logan.  By law, prosecutors are required to tell defense lawyers about evidence favorable to the accused. But studies have shown that prosecutors are hardly ever criminally charged and rarely disciplined by the state bar for serious error or misconduct. The Supreme Court has ruled that prosecutors cannot be sued in civil court because of their legal work, even if they withhold evidence.”  

Withheld evidence puts people in prison. Withheld evidence, a confession not heard by the jury, and convincing a family that this was a murder for hire scheme gets and keeps a person in prison- for 15 years and counting. Candidate Ashley Rich was absolutely adamant about how she feels about withheld evidence:  District Attorney Ashley Rich should take this seriously.  Investigative Reporters should investigate what is withheld evidence and ask Rich if she condones prosecutors traveling from Mobile to a prison in New York to see the person he claims was the shooter (and told the media and jury that he would be brought to Mobile for trial) and not taking notes.  Jordan may not be in office, but he made this admission under oath in front of a current Assistant District Attorney. 
If Rodney were guilty, it is understandable to not have much sympathy for him as the crime was brutal in nature, but Rodney is innocent and his actions upon hearing about the crimes demonstrate that he was a man seeking to bring the real culprits to justice.  His actions- helping police, secretly recording a person with knowledge of the crimes and giving it to police, submitting to a polygraph test (which he passed), sharing photos with law enforcement, and so on.  The actions by the Prichard Police Department and the Mobile District Attorney’s Office made him inmate 192084.  Justice is never served when the wrong person is convicted.
Sincerely and Peace,
Artemesia Stanberry
(251) 802-5798 (a number set up just for calls about Rodney)

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