The Confession That the Jury Never Heard- The Case of Rodney K. Stanberry

The Confession That the Jury Never Heard- The Case of Rodney K. Stanberry
First of all, the link above demonstrates what can happen when the media engage in investigative reports. The original piece is entitled “The Prosecutor’s Case Against DNA” which spotlights several cases where DNA evidence has cleared or has the potential to clear someone and prosecutors, including Michael Mermel, coming up with ludicrous defenses of questionable convictions, even in the face of innocence. The sheriff called for DA Mermel to be fired over his comments. Can you imagine this type of scrutiny and investigation of the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office. The level of Mermel’s comments are in the same vein as the Mobile DA’s Office trying to explain away obvious evidence of innocence in Rodney’s case. I posted a blog in the past entitled “Rodney Passed a Polygraph Test, Can They” that can be found at
We’ve added another tab to the Free Rodney Stanberry webpage. It focuses solely on the confession made by Terrell Moore. Moore gave this confession in front of prosecutor Buzz Jordan on April 2, 1993- two years before Rodney’s trial! He is given Testimonial Immunity under one condition- that he tells the truth. He exonerates Rodney, in front of Jordan and Prichard Det. Lebarron Smith: 
The jury never heard this confession because 1) Terrell Moore took advantage of his 5th Amendment Constitutional Rights at trial and 2) Prosecutor Buzz Jordan made sure that the transcript, recordings and everything else relating to the confession was kept from the jury via a Motion of Limine that Judge Ferrell McRae granted. 
Please, please give us less than one hour of your time. Read this immunity statement and read Moore ‘s confession. He had no incentive to lie. Once you read it, watch the WKRG report again  ( . Please, please share this on your FB pages and twitter accounts and ask your friends to call DA Ashley Rich at 251-574 -5000. 251-574-8400 and/ or email –  She should reopen Rodney K. Stanberry’s case.
This month is particularly stressful because there is a relatively short window of opportunity to reach out to people before and after the holidays. The truth of the matter is that the DA’s office knew Rodney didn’t commit these crimes, or at least they knew there was massive evidence pointing to his innocence. But they had a victim eyewitness misidentification so they went with the easy conviction as opposed to doing the simple investigative work that was practically handed to them.
This will be Rodney’s 15th Christmas as a convicted innocent.  At the beginning of Rodney’s trial testimony, he was asked if he were nervous. He said no, I’m mad.  The prosecutors had much evidence pointing to his innocence, but opted to move forward with a wrongful conviction. We should all be mad.
To contact the Alabama and Mobile Bar Associations:
Alabama Bar Association- Keith Norman, Executive Director:; (334) 269-1515
Mobile Bar Association- Barbara C. Rhodes, Executive Director-;  (251) 433- 9790
To contact the Governor and Attorney General of Alabama
Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (334) 242-7300
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (334) 242- 7100
Chief Investigator Timothy Furhman, Attorney General’s Office (334) 242-7300
To contact the President of the Alabama State NAACP
Bernard Simelton, President, Alabama State NAACP, (256) 426-6406 (c)(256) 233-1308 (fax) E-mail:
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