Rodney passed a polygraph test, can they?


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I will post another radio on the webpage when it is available as a podcast.  I want to point out that Rodney passed a polygraph test.  Rodney did everything the DA’s office would want people to do- come forth with all that you know, even if it means “snitching” on friends. Rodney did this. It was Rodney that called a detective in New York and who asked the Prichard Police Department to do the same (

The purpose his contacting Det. Hardy in New York was to see if she could apprehend the individuals leaving Mobile and returning to New York via Greyhound. Why would Rodney do this were he not innocent, and if he did not want the culprits in the crimes to be punished for what they did?  Rodney did what the DA’s office and police would have wanted anyone to do, and his reward for it is now 14 full years in prison.  I mentioned that Rodney passed a polygraph test.  I know this would NEVER happen in a million years but if the prosecutor in Rodney’s case, Joe Carl “Buzz” Jordan, were to be given a polygraph test and/or the current DA Ashley Rich, here are some questions that I’d like to ask:

1)     You visited Rodney’s place of employment, you’ve seen his records, you’ve heard from his supervisor and co-workers, do you believe Rodney K. Stanberry was not at work when these crimes took place?

2)     You stated that you visited Rene Whitecloud in prison at Riker’s Island in New York, but only went there while on vacation to see if there was anyone actually from New York in Mobile. Did you go on vacation or were you on official business?  Have you gone to New York on vacation since this time? Have you ever gone to New York on vacation?

3)     You stated that you did not take notes because you were on vacation, did you take notes. Are these notes still available?

4)     You visited Rene Whitecloud in 1995 during this “vacation time” did you attend his sentencing hearing. If so, did you happened to get lucky and stumble upon his sentencing day while on vacation or were you informed by someone of the date of his sentencing hearing?  If so, was this official business and are your notes available?

5)     You mentioned to the jury and to the media that Whitecloud would be brought to Mobile to be tried, did the Mobile DA’s office actually intend to try anyone but Rodney for these crimes? Did you intend to bring Whitecloud to Mobile to be placed on trial?

6)     When did you discover that the actual shooter, Angel Melendez, died of a violent crime shoot-out?  After hearing that and knowing that Rene was in prison, did this factor in to your targeting Rodney for conviction?

7)     You gave Terrell Moore, a native of Mobile, testimonial immunity in exchange for his confession about the crimes.  You stated that Terrell’s confession, given in front of you, Prichard Police Detective LeBarron Smith, and his attorney Bob Clark with the only stipulation that he tells the truth to avoid arrest, was a “pack of lies” and that you will never believe Moore was at the victim’s house when the crimes took place. Did you believe Moore to be telling the truth? Did you believe him to be telling the truth before giving him testimonial immunity?  After giving him testimonial immunity? Given his description of the house, the victim, the neighbor’s car and so on, did you attempt to investigate what he’d told you?

8)     You stated that from the day the victim awoke from a coma, she stated that Rodney.  Do you believe this to be true? 

Why did you go to the workplace of Rodney’s girlfriend to determine whether she was at the house?  Do you recall Detective Fletcher stating that the victim said that she saw a white man at her house?

9)     Did you share any part of Terrell Moore’s immunity agreement with the victim before trial?

10)  When did you find out that the mask and gloves worn by one of the assailants were “lost” by the Prichard Police Department? What was your reaction when no physical evidence was gathered or maintained?

11) Do you believe Rodney was at the victim’s house when these crimes were committed?

12) During trial, after again seeing that Rodney had an airtight alibi for his whereabouts during the time you established the crimes to have taken place, you mentioned that a factual witness had changed the time of when she remembered being on the phone with her sister, the time that you believed the crimes to have taken place. Did she approach you or did you approach her about this? 

I would love to see the responses to these questions either via a polygraph test or under sworn oath. 

Finally, I mentioned snitching above. Rodney did what would go against the code of the streets AS SOON AS HE FOUND OUT THAT THE VICTIM HAD BEEN ROBBED AND WHEN HE LATER FOUND OUT THAT SHE WAS ACTUALLY SHOT.  If only public officials, law enforcement, and other powers that be would stop following the “no-snitching” code and tell the truth about Rodney K. Stanberry’s case and prosecution. 


Artemesia Stanberry

On March 25th, Rodney began his 15th year in prison. 15 years is a long time to serve in prison for crimes you did not commit.  District Attorneys should be held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, they aren’t.  District Attorneys should be honest and upfront with all interested parties instead of standing by a conviction for the sake of standing by the conviction. Justice is not served, when the wrong person is convicted.   As the Easter Holiday is celebrated, I hope people do some serious reflection.

March 24th, 2011- Year 14, click on this sentence for message.  

 Per usual, you can call the Mobile DA’s office at (251) 574-5000.  This case should be reopened and Rodney should be granted his freedom while awaiting the results.

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